The Most Effective Walnut Creek Drain Cleaning Team!

If you've got a stubborn clog, our  Walnut Creek plumbers are the pros to handle it. We've cleared everything from flushed objects to main drain line blockages. If you're drains run slow, or not at all, there are a few things to try before you call in the experts.

Our Walnut Creek drain cleaning team recommends master plungers for DIY use


While it may not be one of the most glamorous tools in your home, the plunger is one of the most effective. A small toilet clog can usually be cleared with the simple vacuum action of a plunger. The slight push and pull will cause the clogged material to be moved back and forth in the drain line and eventually break up and good down the drain. 

Even dual sink drain clogs can be cleared with a plunger. Insert a drain stopper or a wet towel in one side of the drain to create an air tight seal. Then use the plunger on the other side in the same manner as in a toilet. Be careful though, if you have PVC drain pipes beneath your sink plunging may loosen or break them. Have someone keep a close eye on this while you are plunging and stop at the first sign of trouble.

Our Walnut Creek Plumbing team recommends learning to use a closet auger

Drain Snake

A drain snake is the next item to try on a stubborn clog. When the snake is worked into the drain the sharp front end helps to break down the clog while it drives through it. Snakes can be used to clear most sink and toilet drains with no problem. Simply feed the line in and turn the crank to grind through the offending material. Bathtub clogs can also be cleared but there is a trick to it.

To remove a hair clog from a bathtub the drain cap has to be removed. Once it is out of the way you should see a sharp 90 degree turn in the drain about 2 inches down. Slip the head of the snake around this turn before starting to crank. Cranking the snake clockwise will help it advance down the line to reach the clog.

our Plumbers in Walnut Creek user power augurs to clean drain clogsPower Auger

If you have a main line clog, there's a good chance you'll need a power auger to reach it. Most hand snakes only run about 25 feet and a main line runs from your home all the way out to the city line at the edge of the street. Our Walnut Creek plumbing team usually ends up handling these clogs because they occur further down the drain line than you can reach. Call us in if you've tried your best to clear the drain, but it just hasn't worked.

Need a Little Elbow Grease? Our Walnut Creek Plumbers are Just Around the Corner!

Our Walnut Creek plumbing team is standing by and ready to help with your most stubborn drain clogs. Whether you're trying to deal with a clogged sink, shower drain, tub drain, toilet, outdoor drain, or anything else, just give us a call. We're always happy to lend a hand.